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            Activation Key

            The License is for a single seat installation and usage for Anime Studio, Moho, and MotionArtist. The EULA allows for the Full Product to be activated with up to three installations concurrently, provided you are the only user of all the computers, no one else has access to any of the computers, and only one instance of the application will be running at any given time. If anyone else has access to the other machines or if you need to have two or more instances of the application running, you must purchase additional Licenses. This will allow for one activation on your Desktop and one on your Laptop for Travel, or on your Home Machine and Work Machine. Again, if anyone has access to the other machines, other than yourself, you must purchase additional Licenses.

            There is an option for converting to Permanent. If you opt for that option, you also accept full responsibility for managing your activations. Failure can result in the key being invalid for activation. This option was created for situations where the system can not be online and can not have files added (Secure Facilities) It is not recommended for most users. Again, failure to properly activate and deactivate, including loss of activation due to system failure or corruption is the end users full responsibility when they opt for Permanent Activation of a Key.

            Before opting for Permanent Activation, please contact Support.

            Please include Analytical Data when activating so we can better assist you in the future.

            Make sure you deactivate the software before uninstalling/reinstalling the software or upgrading/restoring your system.
            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 10:39 PM
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