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            Poser License Key/Serial Location

            The License Key for Poser products will be in the Packaging for the physical product.
            If you have a Box Version, the License Key will be located on the back of the Disc Sleeve
            If you have a DVD Case version, the License Key will be located inside the DVD Case.

            There will be no record of your License Key from a Physical Product unless you registered the License Key with the Web Site.

            If you have the Download Version purchased from the Store, the License Key will be in the Order Details. To view the Order Details, use the email address used for the order here

            You will be sent a link to allow you access to your Orders.

            At this time, you can also access your Order Details through the Content Paradise Store Account Access Site. The Account was created when you made the purchase and the username is the email address used for the order. To access the Order Details, Sign In to the Store at 


            There is a link to recover the password if you have misplaced the password.

            Click on the History Button in the upper left and click on the Order Number for the Product on the left side of the Order History List. This will bring up the Order Details.

            Contact Support with your Order Number if you have a download purchase from the Store, if you are still unable to locate the License Key.

            If the Poser software is installed and activated, launch the software and go to the About Poser screen in the Help Menu and provide the text of the License Key displayed there in your response in Text (no images).

            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 10:39 PM
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