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            Rebelle 3 Installation

            Rebelle 3 has three installers. There is a Windows 64 Bit, Windows 32 Bit, and the Mac OS Installer. You only need to download the installer you will use on your system.

            ​For Windows, if you have a 64 Bit Operating System, you will want the Windows 64 Bit installer. These instructions are the same for 32 Bit installer.

            ​Mac OS instructions appear below the Windows instructions.

            Launch the installer. You may be prompted by Windows Security to allow the application to make changes to your system to proceed.
            The Setup Wizard will appear.  Click Next to continue.

            Select the Location. Choose the Default Location unless you have full understanding of your system's permissions and how they may impact the application performance.
            The Startup Location will prompt you to select the Startup Folder Location. The Default creates a folder called Rebelle 3.

            Confirm the options selected to begin the installation.

            ​The Finish Screen appears when the installation is completed. You can select to Launch the Application from this screen by checking the box. 
             When you launch, you will be prompted to activate the software. See this articles for Activation Instructions.

            ​For installing on Mac OS, you will want to download the Mac 64 Bit DMG installer

            Double Click on the DMG File to run the installer.

            You may be prompted to allow the installer to run on your system.

            Once the installer finishes, you can launch and activate the software. Here is a link for the Activation

            Updated: 29 Jan 2019 06:06 PM
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