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            Using MSCONFIG to locate conflicts

            Using MSCONFIG to troubleshoot software conflicts


            With all of the software on your computer, sometimes it is difficult to figure out whether there is a conflict between two or more programs or devices you are trying to install. Thankfully, Windows has a powerful tool that we can use to help us out. MSCONFIG simply shows you all of the software on your computer that starts every time the computer starts up. This is usually where we will find the conflict. We can tell Windows to start a program but not another or tell it not to start ANY software when the computer starts up. So, let's get started!


            Starting MSCONFIG

            1) Click START
            2) Select RUN (On Vista, there is a text box that you type in at the bottom of the programs list on the left. So, you don't need to click RUN)
            3) Type "msconfig" in the text box and click OK. The "System Configuration Utility" window will open.


            Disabling Non Microsoft Services

            1) Click on the SERVICES tab.
            2) Check the box that says HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES
            3) Click DISABLE ALL button.


            Disable Startup Items

            1) Click on the STARTUP tab.
            2) Click on the DISABLE ALL button then click OK.


            Restart your computer


            Click on RESTART to restart your computer to put the change in effect.



            After your computer has restarted, this dialog box will appear... Check the "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts" check box, then click the OK button.


            STOP - Verify that it works

            After restarting your computer and the system is ready to use, you will need to try performing the function that was not working originally. Be it a device not installing properly or software that is not working as intended.

            If the software or device works, then the problem is one of the other programs on your computer. Which one it is will now need to be weeded out.


            Identifying the culprit

            Start MSCONFIG again as we did in "Starting MSCONFIG" above.

            Go to the Startup tab again and select the check box next to the first program item listed. Click OK, and then click RESTART to restart your computer.

            Try to perform the function again.


            Lather, rinse ... repeat

            Repeat the "Identifying the culprit" step above again with the next check box in the list until the function you are trying to perform stops working again. Which ever one is checked that makes it STOP WORKING AGAIN, is the culprit. This will need to be disabled, uninstalled, or reconfigured to work properly with the original thing you were trying (this needs to be addressed by the manufacturer of the "culprit" software. This is NOT something SmithMicro can assist you with).


            Note (Optional):

            If for any reason you need to put your system back to the way it was running before the troubleshooting began, no problem. Just open MSCONFIG once more and select NORMAL STARTUP. Click OK and then RESTART on the next dialog box. This will undo everything that we did.


            Updated: 19 Jun 2019 10:39 PM
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